Physical Signs of an Old Cat Dying

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If you have older cats, knowing the signs of an older cat dying can help you prepare for the inevitable.  By using this information, you can try to help a beloved animal reach a comfortable, quite and peaceful place at the end of their lives.

There are many physical symptoms that can signal that your pet is about to pass away. Some of these symptoms include the following:

*Eyes – A Cat that is dying may have a glazed look to his or her eyes.  Both pupils may be dilated or just one eye may be dilated.  The eyes may also have a sunken-in appearance.

*Fur- Some cat may begin shedding in large amounts or lose clumps of fur before they die.  In other felines, their will look ruffled or messy; their fur won’t lie down smoothly as it normally did.

*Breathing-When a cat is on the verge of dying, it may breath erratically , make gurgling sounds or make wheezing noises.  Some cats will appear to stop breathing, only to begin breathing again. In other cases, the cat may pant or exhibit shallow breathing.

*Mouth-Animals may drool and let their tongue hang out of their month.  Other cats may keep their mouths open.

*Body- A cat may have spasms as it begins to dies.  This will make the cat arch the head and neck backwards.  This is a sign of brain seizures that many older animals experience.

*Voice- Animals that are dying may yowl or purr, depending upon their individual circumstances. Some animals make no sound at all.

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