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A pet groomer is not required to obtain any form of education to groom a cat or dog. Training and certification are optional and both things I have achieved, investing a great deal of time and money in my effort to be the best groomer I can be. I have approximately 700 hours of training from two different highly acclaimed schools. Although I am trained to groom both cats and dogs. I always knew I wanted to be THE CAT GROOMER. For this reason I attended and graduated from the world’s only feline-exclusive cat grooming school located in Greenville, South Carolina. On completion of my training at the National Cat Groomers School, I earned the certification and designation, Feline Master Groomer from the prestigious National Cat Groomers Institute of America. Each year I take additional courses and brush up on my skills.

The NCGIA course taught many health topics. I obtained certification in feline first aid, CPR and studied various health issues related to cats and their well-being. This information provides me a well-rounded education so I can better serve my clients and their feline friends. I do not diagnose or treat a cat for any health problems, but as a value to my clients, I can recognize symptoms and signs that can be seen during regular grooming visits. I believe it is my duty to be aware of a cat’s overall health and to communicate any potential problems to the owner. I also believe it is best for a cat to be professionally groomed on a regular basis. The combination of knowledge and regular grooming visits promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle for any cat.

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