Do cats like getting a bath?

Contrary to popular belief, most cats do not mind being bathed. In fact, many are very calm during the bathing process and seem to find it relaxing. I know from experience that cat owners report they have a very happy cats after the groom is complete.

Will you sedate my cat?

I do not sedate cats because in reality, very few cats truly need any sort of sedative in order to be groomed. If I think your cat would best be served by receiving medication, I can refer you to your local veterinarian for a mild sedative that can be administered prior to the grooming appointment.

Will it hurt my cat to be groomed?

It can hurt your cat to NOT be groomed. Cats that are not groomed are prone to serious matting problems, skin condition, painful ingrown nails, and a variety of other problems that, if left unattended can cause irreversible damage or even death.

A cat that is groomed regularly (approximately every 6 weeks) will not suffer from such problems. Because the groomer is handling the cat on a regular basis and looking over every inch of its body during each visit, health issues that may arise can be found early on, and the likelihood of effective intervention is increased.

How long will it take for you to groom my cat?

Typically allow 2 hours for your appointment if you have only one cat. If the cat is severely pelted or matted, the groom time may take longer. Once I see your cat/cats in person, I can better make a determination.

How often should my cat be groomed?

Most cats need to be professionally groomed every 6 weeks.

Can you groom my cat if he/she is aggressive?

Most of the time I can. I can usually tell when I initially see your cat in person whether or not it can be safely handled. Many of my clients have been turned away by other groomers. Yet I have found I was able to successfully groom the cat safely & securely.

Cats are little, why does it cost more to groom my cat than my small dog?

Cats will not stand on the table for you to groom them, as a dog will. They usually position themselves into tight balls. It is more difficult and time consuming to groom a cat than a small or medium size dog.

Why is it riskier to groom a cat?

Statistics show cat bites get infected. The most frequent type of bite is a puncture wound. When a cat bites, and it is left untreated withing the first day, a groomer could be on antibiotics IVs for several days. This means money spent for medical treatments and loss of the opportunity to serve my clients. Most groomers choose not to groom cats due to the increased risk.

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